Smart Buildings in China: Creating a smart city ecosystem

Smart buildings in China

The rise of smart technology in China China is carrying out the process of creating ‘Smart Cities’. A smart city is an urban area that uses various kinds of information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency and manage resources. Smart cities in China are comprised of smart technology. Smart technology is technology that makes […]

Open Innovation: Transforming your Business in China

Smart Shopping in China

Open innovation (OI) is the process of integrating external expertise into the innovation processes of a company or organization. The overall purpose of implementing an open innovation strategy is for companies to take advantage of external ideas, resources, and market channels in order to advance their own technology and products. It essentially enhances a firm’s […]

Who can benefit from smart warehouses in China?

smart warehouse in china

In recent years, the smart warehouse market has boomed in China. China has the largest logistics market in the world with the total market value of 252.8 trillion CNY. Warehouse management is a significant part of modern logistics industry and also the most important part of many companies’ daily operations, but most of them are […]

Are unmanned stores tin China he future of offline shopping?

Unmanned retail in China is an emerging industry, which can be seen by the unmanned stores popping up in China’s malls and city centers. Both online and offline channels of China’s retail industry are currently under pressure. Online shopping had been rapidly developing since 2011, especially between 2014 and 2016 when the growth rate of […]