Smartphones in China: Giant Xiaomi is Building a Smart House “Ecosystem”

Smartphones in China

Xiaomi China was founded in April 2010 by Chinese serial entrepreneur Lei Jun. The company mainly focuses on developing and providing high-quality software, hardware, and Internet-related products at affordable prices. In November 2010, two months earlier than Tencent’s WeChat, Xiaomi launched the mobile messaging app MiTalk Messenger (“Miliao” in Chinese) and its operating system MIUI […]

Branding China : How Huawei started?

How Huawei started

Branding China : How Huawei started? [see also our focus on Xiaomi] Huawei transformed from small sales agent company to multinational Networking Corporation in just 25 years. It is also the largest telecommunications equipment maker with 21 R&D institutions all over the worlds including Europe and the USA. About half of the 140,000 employees of […]

ZTE and Houston Rockets collaborate to gain position on their respective markets

Yao Ming ZTE

ZTE (Zhong Xing) Corporation is one of the worldwide leader manufacturers of communications devices and network solutions from China. Created in the beginning of the 1980’s, ZTE is registered on the Hong Kong stock exchanges as well as on the Shenzhen stock exchanges. It is the biggest China based telecom equipment society registered and one […]