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Smartphone Addiction in China: Can Media Advertisements Rescue Chinese “Phubbers”?

Smartphone Addiction in China

Smartphone Addiction in China: With the second highest average time spent using smartphones, China is looking to advertising to solve this addiction to technology. Is smartphone addiction curable? Young Chinese have become some of the worst offenders of phubbing (a new word that combines phone and snubbing). This is mainly due to China’s high levels […]

Smartphones in China: Giant Xiaomi is Building a Smart House “Ecosystem”

Smartphones in China

Xiaomi China was founded in April 2010 by Chinese serial entrepreneur Lei Jun. The company mainly focuses on developing and providing high-quality software, hardware, and Internet-related products at affordable prices. In November 2010, two months earlier than Tencent’s WeChat, Xiaomi launched the mobile messaging app MiTalk Messenger (“Miliao” in Chinese) and its operating system MIUI […]

O2O Commerce in China

O2O Commerce in China

O2O in China: Brings great changes to Chinese daily life As the keyword of Chinese internet, O2O never leaves out of sight in recent years. Model of the internet and its e-commerce have revolutionized the Chinese life. The appearance of O2O meet citizen’s rising demands for consumption and change Chinese living style as well. In […]

Smartphone Market in China

China—World’s Biggest Smartphone Market With its many significant advantages over the feature phones, including which the high-speed data access via Wi-Fi and the capability for running third-party applications, smartphone has penetrated the mobile phone market in many countries, further changing the way people communicate. By 2012, about 18 percent of the total world population possesses […]