The snacks market in China is becoming meatier, more convenient and healthier

snacks market in China

Driven by both increase in spending power and willingness to consume, the scale of snacks market in China has continued to expand.  According to Qianzhan, the Chinese snack market is expected to maintain a compound growth rate of over 6%, and was around 2.7 billion yuan in 2020, and by 2025 is expected to exceed […]

The ready-to-eat soup market in China reached a new high during COVID-19

The ready-to-eat soup market in China

Chinese consume a massive amount of soup 60% of Chinese families eat soup every day, meaning about 500 million bowls of soup are consumed nationwide every day, 320 billion bowls of soup every year. The average person consumes 4.6 bowls of soup per week. That is to say, the magnitude of the soup market in […]

Snack market in China

Substantial growth of snack market in China From 2005 to 2013, the snack food industry of China showed a growth of 16.9% every year for sales, with its revenue in 2013 hitting RMB770.57 billion. As the residents’ demand increases, the earnings from Chinese snack food industry these years is expected to grow at a high […]