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American football in China

American football in China Starting from scratch in China China might not be the market that most sports fans associate with American football. The game is seen as very complex by Chinese fans and kids don’t play it in China. Moreover, the term ‘football’ here mostly equals to European soccer. Still, there are great opportunities […]

Sport industry in China: Tennis in China

Sport industry in China

Sport industry in China: Tennis in China The Sport industry in China has more and more potential for potential investors as the growing Chinese middle class is generally eager for more sport news and programs. This article discussed what has been the impact of Li Na’s success to the Sport industry in China. Sport industry […]

Market research: Gambling in China

market research China

Market research: Gambling in China On July 12 and 13th, Chinese police arrested 108 individuals it accused of operating gambling rings around the 2014 FIFA world cup. Authorities declared asset seizures of about 18 billion RMB ($2.9 billion at the time). Reports have suggested that this is a fraction of the total amount of money […]

Market research: Tennis in China

A General Landscape of Tennis Development According to a market research on audience rating, following football and basketball, Tennis has steadily become the third most popular sport for Chinese spectators to watch on television. Let’s look at the numbers: 30, 000 established tennis courts and a roughly estimated 14 million tennis professionals and enthusiasts are in […]