A brief history of the Chinese financial system: how did Chinese companies conquer the international stock markets? | Daxue Consulting

How to Invest in Chinese Stocks

The Chinese financial system The growing prominence of the Chinese economy at the international level has gradually gained the attention of international media. In particular, the opening up of the Chinese stock market has attracted the interest of international investors that saw China as an untapped investment opportunity. However, for many of these international investors, […]

Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong: Why is HK so attractive? | Daxue Consulting

Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong

Chinese companies seek to buy IPO in Hong Kong Chinese society also pays much attention to Hong Kong stock market news and Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong, and the number of this crowd is going up year-by-year. With the stock trading regulations that allow Chinese investors to purchase stocks in Hong Kong stock market, […]

Market analysis: China stock market

China’s stock market was established in 1980s. When it was first established, it was largely a trial: if it went well, the People’s Bank of China would allow it to continue its operations, but if it went poorly, the bank would shut the stock market down. Today, China’s stock market is nearly three decades old […]