The Economics of the Beijing Winter Olympics

Daxue Consulting - Economics of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

China’s efforts to increase participation in snow and ice sports among Chinese citizens have led to a market boom in the winter sports industry. With memorable achievements made by athletes in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, China’s winter sports market will not be slowing down anytime soon. Since 2015, Beijing has been determined to […]

The circular economy in China: Why should foreign brands know about it


The circular economy has been a widely discussed topic in China. However, although it is still the direction that China is aiming for, the country may most likely not implement dramatic policy changes in 2022. Stability is the top economic priority for 2022 as Xi Jinping is securing a third term in power and the […]

5 Sustainable Fashion Brands in the Chinese Market

sustainable brands in china

Ever since the Copenhagen Fashion Week has officially launched its sustainability Action Plan 2020-2022, more brands and designers have started focusing on environmental-friendly fashion. The three-year plan has encouraged the fashion industry to reduce carbon emissions and resource waste, which is an important goal for upcoming years. Sustainable development is imperative for all industries, especially […]

Market strategies for foreign sustainable food startups in China

foreign sustainable food startups in China

In the 60s, Chinese people consumed on average 5kg of meat a year. After the launching of Deng Xiaoping’s reforms, those numbers grew fourfold, hitting 20kg per person. By 2015, the per-capita meat consumption reached 48kg. According to the Insight on Plant-Based Meat Industry White Paper, China’s per capita consumption of meat equals now that […]

Sustainable consumption in China: Are Chinese consumers ready to ride the green wave?

Sustainable consumption

In 2018, dairy company Yili Group released a report on sustainable consumption in China in which it mentioned that over 90% of Chinese consumers were aware of sustainable consumption and 70% were very conscientious of it. Awareness of eco-friendly consumption in China is increasing as sustainability and environmental summits and conferences are flourishing. In a […]