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Old is gold: the second-hand luxury market in China is thriving

Second-hand luxury market in China cover

In the dynamism of China’s consumer landscape, a significant shift has been observed in recent years: the strong emergence of the luxury second-hand market. As the personal luxury goods market surged to an all-time high of EUR 362 billion, the Chinese segment itself has a substantial share, reaching an impressive EUR 53 billion in 2023. […]

Sparkling shift: China’s diamond market evolution and the rise of lab-grown gems

China’s diamond market has been the world’s second-largest for over a decade. According to Statista, the Chinese diamond jewelry market was valued at approximately USD 8.8 billion in 2022. This article aims to explore the dynamic landscape of China’s jewelry market, specifically emphasizing the shifting trends within the diamond sector. Download our China luxury market report Driving […]

China’s sustainability certifications: Empowering sustainable practices for a greener future

China's sustainability certifications

In recent years, sustainability has become crucial in global industries, including China. Chinese consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact, driving demand for sustainable products. To meet this demand, certifications, and standards have been established to ensure authenticity and reliability in various sectors such as textiles, food and beverages, automotive, and even chemicals. Thus, […]

El Niño in China: the Chinese economy in the era of climate change

el niño in china

Many nations bordering the Pacific Ocean are significantly impacted by the phenomenon known as “El Niño:” a warm current which leads to high temperatures in many parts of the world, especially America and Asia, disrupting the natural balance of the environment and increasing the risk of floods and other natural disasters. China, too, is now […]

Sustainability in the global fashion industry: luxury brands take action in China

The trillion-dollar fashion industry is quickly expanding, but its environmental impact is becoming a growing concern. It is estimated that the fashion segment contributes to 10% of the global carbon emissions annually, which is more than all international flights and naval transport put together. With the tendency of buying new garments and keeping up with […]

Chinese Smart Cities: Inside the nation with the highest smart city pilot programs in the world


In a “smart city,” existing networks and services are enhanced with digital technologies for the benefit of locals and businesses. A smart city does more than utilize digital technologies to better manage resources and reduce pollution. It should also entail improved water supply and waste disposal systems, better urban transportation networks, more effective building lighting […]

How laundry cleaning brands incorporate sustainability into their business in China


The laundry cleaning market in China has been growing steadily in recent years. According to iiMedia’s report, the market size of the laundry cleaning market is predicted to reach 87.5 billion yuan and continue to grow in the next few years. As the laundry cleaning market in China keeps expanding, laundry detergent brands are increasingly […]

How are brands paving a greener path in China’s automobile, beauty, and fashion industry?


Under the reality of global warming, sustainable business practices have become increasingly important to align with the shift in Chinese consumers’ purchasing decisions toward greener alternatives. With the efforts of education on sustainability, flourishing exposure to social media, and the government’s commitment to carbon neutrality, sustainable transfer has accelerated among Chinese people, especially within younger […]

Green Guilt: The present and future of sustainable consumption in China


Environmental sustainability has become a growing trend in China, not just for PR strategy, but a necessity. Recently, it has been further emphasized by the impact of COVID-19 and the government’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. Apart from businesses, we believe that consumers have the power to shift demand to greener alternatives. As […]

Green consumption in China: the lesser-known ‘side-effect’ of COVID-19 for brands


Green consumption refers to consumers’ preference towards environmental-friendly products. The awareness of sustainability in China and green consumption has been a growing trend in pre-pandemic times and Chinese consumers have been increasingly motivated to choose eco-friendly and social-friendly products for the sake of protecting the environment. This has been proven by a number of recent […]

KFC, the most ‘sustainable’ F&B brand in China: PR Miracle or Reality?


As early as 1987, KFC entered the Chinese market and rapidly expanded. As of December 2021, KFC in China holds over 8,100 outlets across 1,600 cities. To attract Chinese consumers and cater to the Chinese taste, Kentucky Fried Chicken has glocalized its menus in China- offering not only its signature fried chicken, but traditional Chinese […]