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TCM in marketing: meeting the demand for natural ingredients in beauty and personal care

traditional Chinese medicine in marketing China

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a healing approach that originated in China thousands of years ago. Chinese herbal medicine has a long historical tradition. Ancient herbology in China focused on potions whose function was part medicinal and part magical. In China today, traditional Chinese herbal medicine is used alongside conventional pharmaceutical treatment. Many brands have […]

The Traditional Chinese Medicine market: Boosted by COVID-19?

TCM market in China

Traditional Chinese Medicine takes 30-40% of China’s pharmaceutical market The Chinese pharmaceutical market consist of biologics, generics, OTC drugs, and traditional Chinese medicine. The traditional Chinese medicine market comprises about 30-40% of drug sales in China. It also displays more rapid growth than other segments of the pharmaceutical market in China. Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, […]

Top 5 TCM Brands in China

TCM Brands China

Top 5 TCM Brands in China While westernization is growing and getting more important in China, there is still room for traditional market in China. Traditional Chinese Medicine are one of these markets which show positive evolution and great potential in the very near future.  According to market research from the China’s National Bureau of […]