[Podcast] China Paradigm #32: How can foreign tech companies succeed in China

podcast tech companies China

China Paradigm interviews Andrei Prokhorovich, the founder and General Director of Eurasia Development Ltd. Andrei shares his vision of opening China’s market to foreign high-tech companies, how they can succeed in China and his insight on what barriers foreign companies face when entering China. Highlights of this episode include: How he got involved in technology […]

[Podcast] China paradigm #23: How tech companies can engage consumers in China

China business podcast - China paradigm episode 23

China Paradigm interviews Dmitry Shklyar, founder and CEO of Eastidea, a company that represents tech companies in the Chinese market. This episode explores how Eastidea assists tech companies with delivering their products to their targeted audience. Dmitry Shklyar explains how important it is to have relevant content that engages Chinese consumers and how to successfully […]

Tech Solutions in China: a New Revolution

Tech Solutions in China

Technology in China is on the rise and there are various sectors and industries where technology is to the forefront of the industry, this article will examine how the communication, video advertising, and data storage sectors are affected and influenced by technology in China. Tech Solutions in China: Communication China is increasingly becoming known for […]