Tech Solutions in China

Tech Solutions in China: a New Revolution

Technology in China is on the rise and there are various sectors and industries where technology is to the forefront of the industry, this article will examine how the communication, video advertising, and data storage sectors are affected and influenced by technology in China.

Tech Solutions in China: Communication

E-commerce tech in ChinaChina is increasingly becoming known for its technology industry and tech solutions. The information and communication technology sector in China, is seen as a pillar of Chinese economic development and growth, as a result, many communication technology solutions have been implemented in China to assist with the ease of business in China.

Communication solutions in China are on the rise and can be seen throughout major cities and the countryside in China, helping to connect over 1.4 billion people in China. Apps such as Wechat are commonplace, and allow users to stay connected wherever they are, in the form of instant messaging. These communication solutions in China keep both rural and urban China increasingly connected in an increased digital age.

The communication Industry in China is rapidly increasing due to the rise in digital technologies and online communication in China. There is a rapid rise in online communication in China, which in turn has led to the rise of communication platforms in China, which promotes communications to a wider audience in China. The Increase in popularity and online connectivity through Wifi, Bluetooth, cellular, NFC and other communication facilities allows for the communication industry in China to thrive.

The sharing of information through communication technologies is vital for company success in China. Many communication barriers exist in China, including language barriers and cross-cultural issues. As a result, innovative and effective communications in this sector is vital for company success and development. Companies in China understand the importance of communication technologies in order to connect with both suppliers, consumers and their wider community of stakeholders. New technological advancements have significantly improved the ease of communications and positively influenced information sharing between parties both in China and abroad.

Tech Solutions in China: Video Advertisements in China

Video advertisements in China are common in various locations from metro’s to online platforms and social media’s. Video advertisements allow companies to actively target and attract new customers through an innovative medium.

In an increased digital age, brands are becoming increasing unique in order to Interact, connect and to convey messages to consumers. Video represents an interactive and unique way for companies to reach out to consumers. In China, video advertisement is on the rise, as mobile phones, computer technology, and TVs are becoming increasingly popular in both rural and urban China.

However, Video advertisements in China may also be a sensitive issue and must be carefully approached and implemented in order to create an appropriate message and appeal. In a recent case, Chinese clothes washing company launched a video advertisement in order to show how effective their washing up powder was, although they displayed a dark colored actor changing from a dark skin color to white, and as a result, the company was accused of racism. Therefore, it is essential that video advertising companies place careful consideration on their video advertisement techniques and strategies and must be conscious of the message they are conveying to the public. This advertisement shows the negative and riskier side of video advertisements, in an increasingly digital age, these videos can spread rapidly creating negative media attention for the brand.

This leads to Viral video’s as a form of advertisement, another significant area of importance; viral videos consist of interesting, thought provoking or humorous videos used to portray a message in a unique way. China’s viral videoing network is a huge opportunity for video advertisers as it allows them to reach one of over 720 million internet users in China. Viral videos represent a new and exciting topic for advertisers in China, as it allows companies to grow and develop online. New technologies and the increased number of online users fuel online video advertisements, this area looks set to grow into the future in China.

Tech Solutions in China: Data storage

Data storage platforms in China are also on the rise, in a digital age where the importance of sharing information is fundamental it is important that data storage systems are in place to ensure work efficiency. Big brand names such as ‘Dropbox’ are partially blocked in China, so, as a result, there are a number of alternatives available in China. Chinese Storage providers offer more lucrative packages and free of charge, for example, Yunio in China offers users 1TB free of storage while Weiyun offers users 10TB of free storage in comparison to Dropbox which offers 2GB free of storage. However, despite the significant higher storage level from Chinese online storage companies, many western users still choose the likes of Dropbox, with users citing reliability and convenience for choosing Dropbox over Chinese competitors. If Chinese Data storage providers want to attract more oversea users, they need to improve their service offerings and promote and ensure the reliability of their service.

Another issue which Chinese data storage providers have to address is the regulations and laws surrounding storage of data in China. These data storage companies must follow strict regulations set by the Chinese government, hence making it more difficult for them to do business, in comparison Dropbox and other providers face fewer regulations and protocols making it easier for them to do business.

The Data storage industry in China is expected to grow and develop, as the rise of online business continues to grow in China, hence creating a higher demand for both online data storage and communication technologies in China.

Case Study: Retail Industry

Daxue Consulting helped one of its clients in the retail industry identify and implement strategic and effective solutions for their development in China. Daxue’s consultants scouted the Chinese market by conducting competitors benchmarking survey. This was in order to find new trends and innovations using technology.  The series of surveys included the competitor analysis and the market analysis. Daxue’s helped its client to transform and develop its operational processes, with cutting edge technology. The report provided the client with comprehensive information on how to differentiate itself in China.