New technology drives the Consumer Electronics Market in China

Consumer electronics market in China

In 2019, China’s consumer electronics market was 126 billion RMB in size. Consumer electronics refers to any electronic device that people use in everyday life. This includes  televisions, cameras, headphones, tablets, smartphones and many other home products. The consumer electronics market in China is a huge sector of China’s e-commerce market, with Apple being one […]

The history of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in China

AI in China

Along with the gradual maturation of China’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology observed in recent years, many industry giants progressively increased their investment in this new market. The burgeoning applications related to AI technology have also expanded the scope of this technology from niche research fields to broader commercial areas. In fact, today, AI in China […]

[Podcast] China paradigm #20: How to get the most out of XiaoHongShu

China marketing podcast - Daxue consulting interviews Miro Li

China Paradigm interviews Miro Li, Co-founder of Double V. Consulting, a consulting firm helping foreign enterprises master China’s ecommerce scene. This episode zeros in on XiaoHongShu, a growing ecommerce-social media app in China. Miro Li explains who uses XiaoHongShu and why they use it, how foreign brands can set up a XiaoHongShu account, and how […]