China’s customized tourism market in 2019 | Daxue Consulting

China's customized tourism market

“Customized travel in the Chinese tourism market is unique in that it is characterized by its popularity, youthfulness, and high growth rates.” – COTRI director Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arltstated Growing demand for private tours for Chinese tourists Customized tours are trips with personalized itineraries. This provides tourists with flexibility catering to specific interests and […]

Impacts of the Rising Zoo and Aquarium Industry in China | Daxue Consulting

Zoo and Aquarium Industry in China

The Zoos and Aquariums industry in China includes operators that preserve and exhibit land or aquatic animals for conservation, academic purposes, display, and entertainments. Zoos, wildlife parks, and aquariums in China have flourished in recent years among rising demand for theme parks. As Chinese consumers found themselves with more available disposable income, they took more […]

Travel Service Market in China

travel market china

Mainland China became the world’s biggest source of foreign tourists in 2014. Fierce competition is ongoing on the travel service market in China from planning extravagant galas and regional trade shows to packaging and booking travel products to serving the needs of the tourism sector, the industry of travel Service in China covers a lot of ground. As the […]

Consulting China: How to attract Chinese tourists?

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Consulting China: How to attract Chinese tourists? [See also our focus on tourism market in China] During the long time of its history, China was seen as a closed economy with limited number of outbound travelers. Recently, the government officially declared support for foreign travelling when in January 2013 Chairman of the China National Tourism […]