China’s Toys Market in 2022: Chaowan, high-tech, and parent-child games


Most people know China as the world’s largest toy exporter due to its solid manufacturing reputation especially in the southeastern provinces. Indeed, in 2020 China exported $72 billion USD worth of toy products, miles ahead of the 2nd place – Germany’s $6 billion USD. However, China also has the world’s largest toys market, valued at […]

LEGO China: a history of constant innovation

LEGO China market strategy case study

LEGO is winning the Chinese market via providing the ultimate user experience. Through its omni-channel strategy, LEGO China creates meaningful experiences for its customers at every touch point. The experience as part of the whole product, improves customer satisfaction. The ultimate result of this satisfaction is that customers and LEGO get to know each other. […]

POP MART: Blind box toys show the designer toy market in China is booming

According to Euromonitor, the total retail sales of toys and games in China soared from RMB 135.6 billion in 2013 to RMB 324.1 billion in 2018, an average annual growth rate of 19.1%. However, not all these toy consumers are children. POP MART, which sells blind boxes, is a leader in the designer toy market […]

Toys Market in China

toys market in china

China is the World’s Largest Toys market China has taken the place as the world’s largest toy maker and exporter in recent years. There are over 1300 large-scale toy manufacturers in China which are responsible for producing nearly three-quarters of total toys in the world. The major manufacturing and export bases of toys in China are […]

Sell on Taobao and Tmall: Foreign children’s products and the Chinese online market

mobile banking in CHina

Sell on Taobao and Tmall: Foreign children’s products and the Chinese online market K’Nex’s made-in-America toys on Chinese online platforms Taobao and Tmall K’Nex, an American-based toy-maker started selling made-in-America products in China through Taobao and Tmall websites last year. Michael Araten, President and CEO of K’Nex Brands (whose translation into Chinese language is 积木, […]