Why China Market Research must Examine Culture

China market research and culture

China has enormous geographical disparities and socioeconomic variations across its regions. Consumer preferences evolve rapidly and sometimes even erratically. These cultural considerations should be taken into account when conducting China market research. It poses unique challenges to dominant and maintain dominance in the Chinese market. For instance, Uber, the senior leaders of Uber did their […]

Uber China is Merging with Didi Chuxing

Didi and Uber China

To know more about the merging of Uber China contact Daxue Consulting at dx@daxueconsulting.com Uber in China Despite billions in high-profile investments, Uber is facing pressure for an IPO to generate returns for shareholders, as its fundraising hits a plateau. Uber announced that it was selling its China operation to DidiChuxing, ending an uphill battle […]