Volkswagen in China: Market analysis of the nation’s #1 car brand

Volkswagen in China

History of Volkswagen in China On March 28th, 1937, ‘Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens GmbH’ was founded in Germany. Later on Sep 16th, 1938, it got a name ‘Volkswagenwerk GmbH’. It is now one of the world’s largest international automobile companies, which produces and sells automobiles throughout the world. Today, the German company owns […]

Unveil the hidden crammer–3·15 Chinese Consumer Rights Day (Market study in China)

15th, March is the International Day for Protecting Consumers’ Rights, every year, CCTV launched a special TV program, in which many firms were accused for the violation of consumers’ right. In 2013, CCTV helps protect consumer’s interests again by pricking bubbles: Apple’s after-sales policy “discriminates” Chinese consumers; Volkswagen’s DSG gearbox problem; and the software of […]

Focus on Retail for Cars in China

Early in year 2006, it has been predicted by the world’s leading market research company, AC Nelson, that the rising level of consumption tax and fuel surcharges did not lower people’s desire to buy cars. Instead, the car retailing industry in China showed strong and vigorous development tendency. According to Nelson’s telephone interview in May, […]

Market research: Chinese Auto

In 2010, China produced 18.26 million cars and sold 18.06 cars, a year-on-year growth of 32.44% and 32.37%. Compared to other countries in the world, China is dominating the auto-industry in terms of both sales volume and growth rate. Due to rapidly growing urbanization, the rise in average income, the development of China’s satellite cities, […]