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Lenovo’s success: How a Chinese company with ‘state-roots’ conquered the global market

Lenovo global market strategy

Lenovo is one of the leading manufacturers of laptops, smartphones, tablets and a variety of electronic accessories. The company is constantly developing, absorbing other brands. Its main advantage over competitors in the West is the introduction of innovative solutions and a good pricing policy. Below we examine the drivers of Lenovo’s global success. In July […]

How Chinese brands like Uma Wang leverage Western fashion trends

western fashion trends That Chinese brands should know

This analysis on what Chinese brands should know about Western fashion trends is a part of our 7 Continents initiative where we offer our market research and strategy consulting services to Chinese brands. Learn more about our 7 Continents global strategy consulting services here. The main changes in Western fashion trends are the rapid development […]

Comparing Chinese and Western consumer habits

western consumer habits

Daxue consulting has launched its 7 Continents initiative to help Chinese brands reach the global market, including market research on western consumer habits. To learn more about our global strategy consulting for Chinese brands, visit our 7 Continents page. China’s economy has expanded rapidly and its middle-class has risen during these past years, resulting in […]

Influencer marketing in the West: What Chinese brands should know

influencer marketing in the west

This article sharing strategies for influencer marketing in the west is a part of our 7 Continents initiative where we use market research and consulting to help Chinese brands western market strategies. Learn more about our services for Chinese brands on our 7 Continents page. According to the State of Influencer Marketing 2021 report from […]