The alcohol market in China is making a comeback

alcoholic beverage market in China

In 2011 China introduced the new law for punishing drunk drivers, the growth rate of overall alcohol market in China consumption lowered. Faced with stricter drunk driving testing and more severe punishments were there to be accidents, people intentionally choose not to drink alcoholic drinks before driving. However as people adapt to the laws, and […]

Market research: Alcoholic drinks in northwest China

Trends Despite its current relative lack of development, urbanization is growing at a fast pace in northwest China. Along with this change in infrastructure are changes in its citizen’s alcoholic drink consumption behavior. Take middle class consumers as an example. Their disposable income allowed them to afford only local low end spirits and beers. However, the […]

Markert report: Alcoholic beverages in southwest China

Trends In southwest China, Baijiu(白酒) has been a tradition for a long time. Many famous Baijiu brands originate here, for example, Maotai(茅台) and Wuliangye(五粮液). In 2011, the sales prices of high-end Bajiu significantly increased, even though the government had taken measures to control prices. This has led to an increase consumption of standard spirits and […]

Market analysis: Alcoholic beverages in mid-China

Trends The consumption of alcohol drinks in mid-China grew steadily and rapidly during 2011. Due to China’s new drunk-driving regulations, there have been adjustments in the local alcohol market. Due to growing health concerns in China, more and more consumers are choosing drinks with a low alcohol content. Generally speaking, the local market in mid-China behaves […]