How young Chinese consumers are finding themselves

How Young Chinese Consumers are finding themselves

We analyzed the overarching trends of young Chinese consumer’s ambitions. To go beyond consumer trends and expose societal trends, we uncovered the correlations in consumer habits, social listening, in-depth interviews, and successful brand strategies. In this report we define young consumers as Chinese millennials and Gen-Z, or in Chinese terminology, the 90后 (those born after […]

Market Tidbits transcript #6: Nostalgia marketing in China

brands doing nostalgia marketing in China

Allison Malmsten, media manager at daxue consulting, is talking with Grace Yu, project manager at daxue consulting, about nostalgia marketing in China. Our full findings are available for you to download! What is nostalgia marketing? Grace Yu: Nostalgia marketing is appealing to the emotions people felt between the ages of 12 and 22. During this […]