China's metaverse webinar

[Webinar] Navigating China’s Metaverse for Retailers

“Metaverse” has become a buzzword among China marketers in the recent year. But what does the coming of China’s metaverse actually mean for marketers? How can brands in China use the rising technology to increase their performance and brand awareness?

These are the questions we answer in our webinar on January 13th at 4PM Beijing/9AM Paris time. Presented by Hanyu Liu, Project Manager at daxue consulting, and Sharon Sheng, VP of Corporate Innovation at Ayo Innovation Consulting.

Download the China’s metaverse webinar presentation deck below

Watch the webinar recording

Listen to the webinar recording to learn:

  • What Metaverse technologies companies can leverage to boost sales in China
  • Which companies are developing those technologies in China
  • How VR and AR enhance the shopping experience of Chinese consumers
  • How is the legal environment shaping the NFT and cryptocurrency landscape in China
  • How and why companies are using metahumans to conduct marketing campaigns in China
  • What are the benefits of hosting virtual events, with some Chinese case studies

Key stats on the Metaverse in China:

  • After the creation of the Metaverse Industry Committee in 2021, financing of Metaverse related projects reached 5.7 billion US dollars in China the same year.
  • In 2022, from January to March alone those investments jumped to 8.1 billion US dollars.
  • Chinese giants are heavily investing in Metaverse related technologies. Among them, Bytedance acquired the third largest worldwide VR set maker Pico for 5 billion RMB.
  • As of 2021, Huawei was the first 5G patent holder in the world at 15.4% of all 5G related patents.
  • The AI core industry in China was worth 189 billion RMB, almost doubling over two years.
  • The virtual idol market in China was worth 101 billion RMB in 2021 and is projected to triple by the year 2023.