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Daxue Consulting provides the most cost-effective and efficient studies in China, lead by an international team.

Daxue Consulting makes it possible for your company to get in China:
– a first overview of the potential
– an allocation of your investment
– a first round of interviews to recruit your first team
– an help on decision-making through effective studies
– a deep market research on your competitors, clients and prospects

Daxue consulting is indeed a unique consulting firm in Asia. The concept was created in 1967 in France and became a popular all over the world. The model is known as “Junior Entreprise” and convinced many companies such as L’Oreal, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, ZTE, CSCEC to name a few.

– A very cost effective structure. Our structure makes it possible to deliver high-quality market studies in a short and cost-effective way
– A totally flexible offer. We adapt to all our clients. No project is similar and we adapt the methodology, the human resources and the analysis to each situation
– A strong commitment. Our clients are our first priorities and we aim at satisfying their needs the closest possible to the reality of the market.
– A commitment on the deadlines. We respect deadlines. When we decide a deadline with our clients, we keep it respected.
– A strong reactivity. Any email is answered within a day. A proposal is sent the quickest it can be done, sometimes within 1 day.

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