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Advertisement Business in China

Starting a Business in Chinese Advertisement Industry

Daxue Consulting helps companies and individuals to start a business in China for its market research, potential analysis, cost analysis, implementation feasability, data-mining across the internet and equips the new entrepreneur with tools to attack this new market.

The advertisement sector is competitive as it is difficult to communicate on the creativity and the differentiation with competitors. The sector is dominated by huge corporations such as Publicis, Saartchi & Saatchi, and their respective agencies. For a new business in this field, it requires time to grab the first clients database, reputation, and first deals to advertise as cases and references.

Helps to start a PR and advertisement business in China

PR and Advertisement business in China require strong and reliable knowledge on the overall market and on the culture and custom of its customers. Daxue Consulting conducts all the market research and consulting services you might need to develop your PR and advertisement business in China.

  • Information collection through documentary research
  • Qualitative interviews with market experts, clients, competitors and prospects
  • Interviews with competitors in the Public Relations and advertisement sector through various approaches
  • Qualitative interviews with prospects and competitors’ clients
  • Synthesis of internal documents to match an opportunity
  • Etc.

 How Daxue Consulting delivers its service of advertisement business in China

The recommendations resulting from the China market research are intended to directly serve the development of advertisement business in China. Our recommendation are oriented to communication and creative content to help you adapt your messages and advertising codes to China market.

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