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How this Chinese coffee brand is saving the monkeys

On 11 November, Yong Pu Coffee and Ant Forest declared their Double Eleven campaign, “Hou Xiang Jian Ni” (“猴想见你”, a wordplay on “really want to see you” in Chinese). Yong Pu launched a limited “forest-flavored” edition. This coffee is dedicated to the conservation project of the black snub-nosed monkey in Yunnan Province. Through “matchmaking” monkeys, […]

An “East-West” Exchange organized by Tmall Global


On November 6th 2021, Tmall Global released its promotional video named “East West Exchange” (世界东西交流会) for Double Eleven. The campaign utilizes the dual meaning of “Dong Xi” (“东西”, meaning both “East and West” or “Goods” in Chinese) to extend the platform’s ideas of promoting cultural and commercial exchanges between China and the West. As a […]