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How this Chinese coffee brand is saving the monkeys

On 11 November, Yong Pu Coffee and Ant Forest declared their Double Eleven campaign, “Hou Xiang Jian Ni” (“猴想见你”, a wordplay on “really want to see you” in Chinese). Yong Pu launched a limited “forest-flavored” edition. This coffee is dedicated to the conservation project of the black snub-nosed monkey in Yunnan Province. Through “matchmaking” monkeys, Yong Pu is contributing to ecological conservation in China, as well as advocating warmth and compassion to consumers for every purchase made.

As a coffee brand targeting young generations in China, Yong Pu has always adhered to the concept of environmental friendliness. In the “Hou Xiang Jian Ni” campaign, Yong Pu went to Yunnan Province, one of China’s most important places of origin for coffee beans, to contribute to the conservation of the endangered Yunnan black snub-nosed monkey. Using Yunnan coffee beans as the raw material, Yong Pu created a “forest-flavored” coffee. The profit of this product will be donated to the Yunnan Green Environment Development Foundation to restore the ecological corridor in the habitat of Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys. According to FBIF’s interview with Yong Pu, this charity coffee has achieved sales of 250,000 units during the Double Eleven.

In addition, Yong Pu made the campaign attractive and related through clever cultural marketing. Due to the degradation of the woodland at the foot of the mountain, the Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys were separated to the northern and southern mountains, which exacerbated the endangered state of this species. Yong Pu compares the situation as lovers, Niulang and Zhinv (牛郎与织女), who were forced apart in the traditional Chinese myth. Through this charity event, just like in the myth, Yong Pu would build a “magpie bridge” (鹊桥) for the separated monkeys.

Source: Weibo. The restoration of ecological corridor will be a “magpie bridge” for monkeys.

Together with Ant Forest, Yong Pu even held an offline pop-up event “Hou Xiang Jian Ni – Magpie Bridge Matchmaking Conference” in Shanghai’s Yuyuan to promote this Yunnan snub-nosed monkey conservation project to the public. This creative concept not only made the plight of Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys more understandable but also echoed the theme of the “Single’s Day” of Double Eleven.

Yong Pu also put efforts into the design of this charity product in order to cater more precisely to the preferences of young consumers. Yong Pu made exquisite matchmaking posters for several Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys to give consumers a better understanding of this endangered animal species. Meanwhile, the coffee packaging was also printed with a cute forest and monkey motif, once again focusing the consumer’s attention on the charity core of the campaign. These details enriched the campaign, making it related to customers and aesthetic at the same time.

Source: Weibo. Monkey Xixi is looking forward to the fix of the magpie bridge

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