How this Chinese coffee brand is saving the monkeys

On 11 November, Yong Pu Coffee and Ant Forest declared their Double Eleven campaign, “Hou Xiang Jian Ni” (“猴想见你”, a wordplay on “really want to see you” in Chinese). Yong Pu launched a limited “forest-flavored” edition. This coffee is dedicated to the conservation project of the black snub-nosed monkey in Yunnan Province. Through “matchmaking” monkeys, […]

Coffee shop implantation in Shanghai

China is becoming a nation of coffee drinkers; Shanghai and Beijing are influencing the rest of China by shifting from drinking tea to coffee, in particular through coffee shops. Speciality beverage industry is growing at a very strong pace and sales are projected to grow at the rate of 40% per year for some categories. […]

Development of coffee market in China

development of Coffee market in China

As standard of living in China continues to improve recently, foreign drinks such as coke and coffee are accepting by an increasing number of Chinese. Coffee is gradually relative to fashion and taste in China, and it becomes a way to show social status. Nowadays, coffee shops are common in many cities in China. Many […]