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Arjowiggins in China, A China Market Research

Background of Arjowiggins

French company Arjowiggins is a world-class manufacture which produces technical paper and creative paper. The company was founded in 1492, with more than five centuries of papermaking experience. Arjowiggins’ product is extremely versatile, including printing varieties of creative paper, the security paper, pharmaceutical and medical paper, project tracing paper, Art Print and framed paper, high-end packaging paper, household art paper and a variety of papers which are involved in all kinds of industrial fields.
Arjowiggins totally builds 31 plants, three research and development centersin Europe, the U.S., South America and Asia. And has more than 8200 employees. The annual sales is 2 billion euros, with total assets of over 900 million euros.
Arjowiggins is not only a manufacturer of specialty papers, but also is paper supplier of new varieties and new uses paper. Because the company always pay close attention to the ever-changing world, and are inventing new paper products through its strong research team to meet, or even lead the new demands of the market.
Company has particular emphasis on environmental protection, assesses its manufacturing raw materials and processes in factories around the world on a regular basis, and continue to be enhanced and improved all the time.

Development of Arjowiggins in China

Qingdao Arjowiggins Paper Co., Ltd.
A China market research shows that Arjowiggins entered China in 1995 in Qingdao Hi-Tech Park, the main business is slitting and processing of various natural tracing paper plate making transfer paper, advanced drawing paper, color inkjet printing paper, copy paper works and art paper (including drawingpaper, handmade paper, drawing paper, decorative paper, watercolor paper, etc.) In addition to 65% in domestic sales, the remaining 35% are exported to other Asian countries and regions.”Gateway” and “Canson” are brands, which widely known by consumers in China, their main product is tracing paper, with annual sales of $ 1.18 billion.
Qingdao AoHua Paper Co., Ltd.
This company was set up in 2004 as joint venture, and the main production is “Yu Deng” carbonless paper in all kinds of sizes. The production is not only sold in China, but also  exported to South America, the Far East and the Middle East and other regions, with annual sales of 112 million yuan.

Both companies in Qingdao passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2001.
And in order to provide Asian consumers with better paper, Arjowiggins set up a bonded warehouse in Qingdao in 2004.

The Arjowiggins company representative office was established in Shanghai in 2003, with more than 30 employees. The main target is expanding the Group’s investment and business in China.

Edited by Amy Wang from Daxue China Consultant (market research in China)

Credit Photo: made-in-china