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Beijing Tourism Market Analysis-Current situation analysis

Abundant tourism resources

Beijing is one of the most popular travelling destinations in the world. It has plenty of tourism resources as well as completed supporting facilities. It is well known for its cultural sightseeing spots. Among all the tourist attractions around the world, Beijing owns 6 world cultural heritages, which makes it a city with most world cultural heritages in the world.

Economic effect of tourism

There were about 21 million inbound tourists in Beijing from 2006 to 2010 which increased up to 44% when compared with the last 5 years and thus generated foreign exchange earnings 22.5 billion dollars which was 52.5% more than the comparing period. During the same period, native Chinese tourists were up to 750 million increasing 34.7%, generating 971.2 billion Yuan.

Steady increase of domestic tourism

When talking about travelling in China, lots of Chinese will think about Beijing. As capital city, Beijing is one of the most popular tourist attractions in China. Among all the Chinese travellers almost two thirds are from other provinces while the rest are from local citizen market. Thus the majority of the tourism income comes from out-of-province population.

Problems existing in Beijing tourism market

Even though the market shows great opportunities in current situation, there are still some problems existing. These problems turn out to be huge blocks that prevent future development of the current market.

The elements market is still on its primary stage. Almost 90% of the restaurants as well as lots of travel agencies and tourist attractions are still act as a single part in the market instead of a whole network. The degree of network, integration, internationalization and branding is still pretty low.

What is more, tourism market is not quite organized now. Some tour guides require compensation and prohibited-tips privately and even change the touring routines and projects arbitrarily. Some passengers have been forced to buy products and services offered by travel agencies. Another serious problem is that some tour guides bring their customers to malls in their travel routine in order to get compensation offered by those malls, which obviously decrease the quality of passengers’ trip dramatically.  The entire phenomenon results in the lower the quality of service the decrease of benefit of tourism industry as a whole. In that case, service quality of tourism and other related industries still remain to be improved.

Ecological environment problem has gradually become one of the most serious problems that people care about. This problem has even brought more concern in Beijing. The entire ecological environment of Beijing is listed at the bottom when compared with other tourist attractions around the world. And it is not better when compared with other cities within China. Tons of pollution problems such as air pollution, noise pollution and water pollution in the tourist spot are nowadays the primary problem stopping the healthy and consistent development of Beijing tourism industry.

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