Aranya is an escape from the city turmoil for Chinese middle-class Millennials

Aranya is a pioneer of cultural and tourism real estate projects in China. The brand has cultural tourism development projects in Beidaihe, Jinshanling, Wulingshan and Sanya. However, by the time Aranya was built in 2013, the Chinese government was already starting to crack down on the real estate bubble. Back then, Aranya was regarded as […]

Pairing with Ctrip, Audi Presents an Exclusive Glamping Trip to ‘Mars’

Ctrip and Audi project in China

On September 5th, Audi officially announced a collaborative project with Ctrip: A Trip to ‘Mars’ on China’s ‘Golden Week Holiday’. During the trip, participants will take an Audi Q7 SUV deep into the Tsaidam Basin (Qinghai Province), a region known as “the most Martian place on Earth” for its topography. There, they will live in […]

Beijing Tourism Market Analysis-Current situation analysis

Abundant tourism resources Beijing is one of the most popular travelling destinations in the world. It has plenty of tourism resources as well as completed supporting facilities. It is well known for its cultural sightseeing spots. Among all the tourist attractions around the world, Beijing owns 6 world cultural heritages, which makes it a city […]