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Brief Introduction to Chongqing Changan

Brief Introduction to Chongqing Changan

Chongqing Changan Automobile Company Limited, or simply called Changan, is the core company of China Changan Automobile Group. But for Chongqing, it is of special significance. With its headquarter in Jian Xin East Road, Jiang Bei District, having an annual turnover of 80 billion yuan and nearly 50,000 employees, Changan is widely accepted as the leading enterprise in Chongqing. It’s the label of Chongqing.
The history of Changan Machinery Manufacturing Factory can be traced back to 1862 when the Shanghai Western Artillery company was founded. The Shanghai Western Artillery Company was originally involved in the manufacture of military products, but was relocated to Chongqing in 1937 , and began to develop automobiles. That’s the Changan in embryonic form. After formally founded in 1983, the business of Changan started to zoom up, as well as its economic status. The year 1996 marked a new epoch in the history of Chongqing Changan, for its ranking among the listed companies.

For many years, through self-cultivation and experience-accumulation, Changan has striven unceasingly for better development and higher competitiveness. Up to now, Changan has already possessed six large domestic bases in Chongqing, Beijing, Jiangsu, Hebei, Naijing and Jiangxi and six oversea bases in Malaysia, Vietnam, America, Iran, Mexico and Egypt. The company has also established strategic partnership with international auto leaders such as Ford, Mazda and Suzuki. Without any doubt, the successful development of Changan sets a good example for those Chinese companies who want to have a share in the inevitable stream of economic globalization. Its core values, management philosophy, strategic policies and talent employees are all essential factors of its prosperity.

Innovation guarantees Changan’s competitive strength. Changan has adhered to the core value of “Innovation with care”. Changan people dedicate themselves to scientific and technological innovation to lead car civilization and strive to provide customers with amazing and moving products and services. Tightly grabbing the essentials of the survival and development, Changan strives to create value for people, drive life on wheels, and set up a responsible, trustful and the world’s leading corporate image. As its brand philosophy says, Changan is to be a world-renowned brand and create values.

Innovation enables Changan to product advanced cars. From pure electric vehicle in 2009 to E30 pure electric car in 2012, Changan is always walking in the forefront of the country in R&D, industrialization and demonstration runs of new energy vehicles. It has successfully formed a wide range of product lineages at different levels such as sedan, micro car, bus, truck, SUV and MPV and an engine platform with displacement ranging from 0.8L to 2.5L. Also, Changan has launched a series of classic own brand models such as EADO, CX30, CX20, Yuexiang, Benben and Honor, which are widely sought after by markets and consumers.

Changan’s leading group shows great foresight in designing the future developing direction. In pace of the rapid development of automobile industry, they has worked out appropriate blueprints based on the principle of “green, technology and responsibility”. Providing green, safe, stylish, and affordable products--Changan is turned into the preferred brand among customers around the world by providing innovative and user-friendly products. Shouldering the social responsibility-- Changan is working to be a world-class auto company. President Xu Liuping is a capable enterpriser who receives his doctor from Beijing Institute of Technology and now is in charge of many important positions in other state companies besides Changan.

Changan possesses a large number of talent people. It currently has more than 3000 professional personnel, more than 200 senior experts, more than 70 foreign personnel and 7 selected into the national “Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, thus Changan obtains the first prize in management innovation competition and its strength ranks the first in China’s automobile industry. What’s more, Its employees are workers of high efficiency. Changan establishes a platform for employees to challenge themselves and achieve self-satisfaction. Changan also provides employees with competitive compensation and fosters an working environment of challenges so as to obtain one of the best employers in automotive industry.

Innovative tradition and successful business culture help an entrepreneurial business go further and higher. For Changan, its own corporate culture is the root, the soul, the source of cohesion and innovation, and the inexhaustible motive force for its development. Changan leaders are thinking to achieve leading business through leading culture.

Changan shows its charm in many ways, which definitely can’t cover up its shortcomings. For example, its after-sale service is still in dispute. Though having been recently praised by the Chongqing Municipal Government by its high quality of after-sale service, Changan has received many complaints from common people. Changan is busy selling its products as usual regardless of the quality of after-sale service. Consumers have complained that there are some problems in the area of after-sale service. First, timely reply is the biggest problem that has long existed in after-sale services; second, reinstalled spare parts have no quality assurance. No matter whose comments are right, we have to admit that there should be misunderstandings. Things happen for some reason. Changan’s after-sale service is doubtable and further improvement must be made.

Shortly conclude Changan’s features in three respects. Politically, Changan has more advantages than disadvantages. As a state-owned enterprise, Changan has some political restrictions and limitations. National interest is preferred when conflicts occur. The company has to comply with political ideas of the centre government. While, owned by the state, Changan has privileges, such as policy support. From the economic aspect, it has made great contributions to the economy of Chongqing and the whole southwest area. Changan wins Chongqing both economic prosperity and invisible reputation. To be specific, Changan helps to enhance competitiveness of motor industry of Chongqing and brings Chongqing money, technology and talents. To some extent, it represents Chongqing and makes Chongqing an international metropolis.

From social aspect, Changan brings people confidence and courage in competing with the international auto giants, such as Ford, Mazda and Suzuki. The cooperation with them is just the first step. “Changan cares! Changan drives the world!” --Changan’s latest mission just properly conveys its confidence and determination. Now, Changan is heading for high standards of business ethics and professional integrity, and becomes a model for responsible corporate citizenship, actively promoting a green way of living, fulfilling social responsibilities, as well as promoting sustainable development among the society, economy and the environment.