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Brief Market Research of Chongqing

Once talking about Chongqing, the first impression comes into mind is the hot food. Chongqing is one of the most notable cities nationally when it comes to history and culture, and serves as the economic centre of the upstream Yangtze area. It is the major manufacturing centre, and a transportation hub, for Southwest China. Chongqing was separated from Sichuan province and made into a municipality in its own right in March 1997 in order to accelerate its development, to change the situation of the economy, to find the potential market of the poorer area and subsequently China’s relatively poorer western areas

Commercial skyscrapers and high-rise buildings around the People’s Liberation Monument in downtown Jiefangbei in Chongqing. This is an important mark of a modern city and the symbol of the very well-developing of the Chinese market. The pedestrian mall in Nanping CBD is the biggest mall in Chongqing. All kinds of brands can be found in this super shopping mall, including the world famous brands such as Timberlake, Gucci, Guess and so on.

The most well known thing of Chongqing is the cuisine. Chongqing cuisine is influenced by Sichuan cuisine very much. So the Chongqing cuisine is actually a hybrid of Sichuan cuisine and local specialty dishes. Chongqing’s city center is filled with restaurants and food stalls where you can pick up a cheap and filling meal for less than 10 Yuan. Local specialties here include dumplings and pickled vegetables and much more dishes from many other Chinese cuisines, Chongqing dishes are fitting for the solo diner as they often arrive in small individual sized portions. Among the delicacies and local specialties are these dishes: Hot pot, Jiangtuan Fish, Pork leg cooked with rock candy, Qianzhang (Skimmed Soy Bean Cream) etc.