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Brief Market Research on Kunming

General Overview on Kunming: Hongta Group, Hongyun Group

Kunming is the capital city of Yunnan Province in Southwest China. Kunming is among the first batch of The national famous historical and cultural cities. Because of its warm climate all the year round, it is called the “Spring City”. It is the political, economic and cultural center of Yunnan Province. The city has an astronomical observatory and its institutions of higher learning include Yunnan University, Yunnan Normal University and a medical college. The population of Kunming is 7.3 Million in 2011.
Kunming has three distinct economic advantages over other cities in southwest China: abundant natural resources, a booming local consumer market and the mildest climate in the region. In 2008, there are 65 of the top 100 enterprises in Yunnan Privince setting up their factories in Kunming. Among them, Hongta Group, Hongyun Group are two tobacco companies in Kunming. The tobacco sector remains the largest sector in the province. Over 2000 foreign companies have invested in Kunming in 2008.

Restaurants in Kunming: Daddy’s Diner, Mazagran Café, Salvadors, French Café and Prague Café
Kunming is now one of the most famous tourist cities in Yunnan. Lots of places of interests can be found in the city as well as many famous restaurants ranging from local ones to western style ones. The local specialties includes the over-the bridge rice noodles, Sweet Tonghai Peapowder Candy,Fried goats cheese,Stinky Tofu and so on. Some western restaurants are popular among the foreigners in Kunming. These western restaurants includes the Daddy’s Diner, Mazagran Café, Salvadors, French Café and Prague Café. Several western-style retro-bars can be found on Tuo East Road east of Bailong Road, and catering mostly to a local clients afford an opportunity to mingle with locals. Such as Shelter Bar, Freedom Bar, Chapter One, Aoma Meili Pub, the box and so on are all popular in Kunming.

Education in Kunming:China Europe International Business School, Solar Energy Research Institute
The Shanghai-based China Europe International Business School, aka CEIBS, has launched in 2009 its Business Development Certificate Programme in Kunming. With the Business Development Certificate Programme, CEIBS and program partner Frankfurt School of Finance & Management aim to train approximately 500 Chinese managers in the coming four years, with the first phase of the program beginning in 2008 in Hefei, the capital of Anhui province. Kunming and Harbin will be the focus of the program’s expansion in 2009. The program is part of a two million Euro umbrella project funded by the EU, which also includes another program that provides scholarships for MBA students from China’s less-developed regions.
In addition to the management training mentioned above the research institutes are very well developed in Kunming, such as the Solar Energy Research Institute of Yunnan Normal University and the Kunming Municipal Planning and Design Research Institute.