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Brief Market Research on Urumqi

Urumqi‘s top companies: CITIC Bank, Xinjiang Guanghui Group

Urumqi is the capital of the Xinjiang Uighui Autonomous Region. The population is around 2.5 million and is in the Tian Shan mountains. The city is famous for its location of farthest from any ocean and the most inland major city in the world. The major ethnic group in Urumqi is Han and Uyghur. Other ethnic groups in Urumqi include Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Mongols and Muslims.

Urumqi is a major industrial and economy center within Xinjiang Province. It is also the largest consumer center in this region. The GDP per capita reached 6,222 dollars in 2008. Xinjiang Guanghui Group is the largest real estate enterprise and most powerful privately owned company in Xinjiang and is currently focused on energy and automobile sectors. China CITIC Bank Mansion (中信银行大厦), headquarters of Guanghui, located in one of the CBDs in North Xinhua Road, is the tallest building in Urumqi and Xinjiang; with a height of 229 metres, it is also the tallest in Northwestern China and Central Asia.


Retails and Education in Urumqi: Maison Mode Urumqi, Xinjiang University, Xinjiang Normal University, Xinjiang Agricultural University, Xinjiang Medical University

As the economic center in Xinjiang, Urumqi has expanded its urban area since the 1990s. The completion of the new office tower for Urumqi Municipal Government in 2003 at Nanhu Square in Nanhu Road marked a shift of the city center to the north. Youhao Group, the namesake local enterprise, owns a major market share of retails. Maison Mode Urumqi (乌鲁木齐美美百货), open since 2008, became one of the few notable department stores for luxury merchandise in the city. The world-class brands in this store include: Tissot, Citizen, Dior, CK and so on. The Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (UETD) located in the northern Toutunhe District, has been a leading base for steel, machinery manufacturing, biochemistry and other industrial innovations.

Urumqi has many educational institutions including Xinjiang University, Xinjiang Normal University, Xinjiang Agricultural University, Xinjiang Medical University and many others.


City Life and Bars in Urumqi: French restaurant, Japanese restaurant

There are many foreign restaurants in Urumqi such as a French restaurant called Rendez Vous, located on the Yan’an Road, a Japanese restaurant called Edo No Sakura which provides delicious sushi, an American ice cream store called Ice Mountain Creamery and fast food like KFC, Mc and so on.

Victoria and Almaly Club are two popular bars in Urumqi. They serve not only wines but also some foreign style food like Russian dishes in them.