Market report: Malls in Beijing

Most malls in Beijing are in the CBD, near Zhongguancun(中关村), or near big subway stations such as Dongzhimen and Xizhimen. Malls near CBD CBD is the abbreviation for central business district, which is the main district in a city where the business activities are conducted. Generally speaking, a CBD is the central location for the […]

China baby market

Since single-child policy was carried out in China, Chinese parents have come to put all their heart on their only-child so that they always spare no effort to let him enjoy a good life quality. Similarly, they would prefer to suffer living without brand to save money for buying goods with excellent reputation to ensure quality […]

Market research: Convenience stores market in China

Beijing (北京) has unveiled new policies to encourage the establishment of neighborhood convenience stores in an effort to ensure that there is at least one mini-supermarket or convenience store in every neighborhood. According to the policies issued on Wednesday by the Commerce Commission in cooperation with the Beijing Finance Bureau, Beijing is encouraging the establishment […]

Market study: Aman resorts in China

Aman Resorts is a luxury hotel group focusing on unique hotels. It operates in 15 countries around the world. Aman Resorts was founded by Adrian Zecha in 1988. In China there are currently two locations, one at the Summer Palace in Beijing (北京) and the other one in Amanfayuan in West Lake in Hangzhou (杭州). Aman […]

Beijing’s Economy 2 – The economy in Daxing

The economy in Daxing Daxing is the southmost district of Beijing, blessed with the plain terrain. For many years, the agriculture has been the main production power for Daxing. But just several years ago, Daxing was strongly linked with a new termination – Beijing Economy and Technological Development Area (BDA). With the establishment of BDA […]

Economy of Beijing 1

Overview China has experienced great changes in recent years, with economy developing in a rapid speed. As the capital of China, Beijing has also played the leading role in China’s all-around development strategy. In 2012, Beijing’s economy has continued its steady development as in the previous year, adjusted the turbulence of the price level, stabilized […]

The malls in Beijing

Shopping Malls in Beijing: Joy City, Beijing Scitech Premium Outlet Mall, Shin Kong Place, Junefield SOGO Department Store, Lufthansa Shopping Mall, China World Shopping Mall As the capital city of China, Beijing has a lot of large shopping malls, including Joy City, The malls at oriental Plaza, Beijing Scitech Premium Outlet Mall, The Village at […]

Wal-Mart Business Information (Shenzhen)

Introduction Market research of Wal-Mart: Wal-Mart will continue to expand especially in the second- and third-tier cities in China, but without neglecting its development in the first-tier cities. It plans to open 40-50 new outlets a year over the forecast period, with a focus on the third-tier cities. Sustainable development is another important strategy that […]