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Beijing’s Economy 2 – The economy in Daxing

The economy in Daxing

Daxing is the southmost district of Beijing, blessed with the plain terrain. For many years, the agriculture has been the main production power for Daxing. But just several years ago, Daxing was strongly linked with a new termination – Beijing Economy and Technological Development Area (BDA). With the establishment of BDA in Yizhuang, one of the administrative division of Daxing, the economy gravity center of Beijing switch to the rural area. Daxing has the vast space for further development and available resources, can completely meet the need of Beijing’s future development. This was only the first leap of Daxing economy development. Beijing now has become international metropolis global wide and the frequent international exchange has already burdened the Capital Airport with its throughput of 80,000,000 people per day. Daxing has vast space and appropriate geography terrain for airport and the ancillary facilities, so a new step for Daxing economy development is “Airport Economic Zone”. Beijing is going to build a new airport in Daxing, accelerating the transfer of economy gravity zone south towards. In the near future, a new airport with a daily throughput of 100 million people will be born in Daxing, bringing the prosperity of industry of aviation, logistic, distribution, supporting services, living and recreation.

The great changes happened in the past 10 years in Daxing. Several years ago when Yizhuang was divided into Daxing administrative division from direct Beijing administrative divition, Daxing government revenue tenfolds afterwards. In that New Year festival, lanterns were arrayed on both sides of each street and avenue and you could see fresh flowers at every corner. Also, two huge ecological parks have been built in Daxing, know as “the lungs of Beijing”, improving the living condition of citizens greatly.

In fact, the success of Daxing economy development is due to the following respects. First, sound industrial layout. For example, Yizhuang BDA is supported by the industrial advantages of Daxing, leading the innovation role in Beijing economy. Second, high priority of innovation. Innovation is highly value no matter in the technological level and management level, reflecting the “Technological Beijing” theme in 12th Five Year Plan.Third, the concept of “Capital Economic Circle”, Daxing economy will integrate the south area of Beijing and extend to Langfang and Tianjin, playing tremendous role in promoting the whole area’s development.

Daxing, with the meaning of “great prosperity” literary in Chinese, will become an innovation power for Beijing economy in the future. And I believe if Daxing concrete its develop strategy firmly, it will definitely have an economic take-off and become the south pearl of Beijing.