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China Paradigm 59: Becoming an iconic design brand in China

In this episode of China Paradigm Dominic Johnson-Hill, founder & CEO of Plastered 8, speaks with Matthieu David-Experton about being a Beijing centered brand in China, censorship, and the process of creativition. Not only does he tells us about the workings behind the creativity of Plastered 8, an iconic design brand in China, but also leaves us with helpful tips and know-hows on how to become an iconic design brand in China.

  • 3:15 About Plastered 8
  • 5:40 Plastered 8 creation process for designs
  • 7:48 Business model
  • 10:10 Stand point of Plastered 8
  • 14:25 Dealing with trademark in China
  • 18:14 Censorship stories
  • 20:18 Knowing the parameters of censorship
  • 22:28 Utilizing the attraction to Chinese pop-culture
  • 26:24 Online sales
  • 31:53 Challenges of running a business
  • 34:23 Managing numbers of items produced
  • 36:59 Best selling design
  • 38:55 Distance towards Chinese culture vs. design
  • 41:48 Evolution of Beijing
  • 45:02 How Dominic finds inspiration for products
  • 47:46 Dominic’s method of working
  • 50:17 Speaking to MBA and EMBA
  • 53:45 Dominic’s book A Foreign Entrepreneur’s China Dream.

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