Beijing’s Economy: What to understand about growth in the capital city

Beijing's Economy

What foreign companies need to know about the economy of Beijing As the capital city of the most populous nation on Earth, Beijing plays an important role in China’s economy. With a consumer base of more than 20 million, Beijing has become more and more important for foreign companies in many industries. For anyone looking […]

China Paradigm 59: Becoming an iconic design brand in China

design brand in China

In this episode of China Paradigm Dominic Johnson-Hill, founder & CEO of Plastered 8, speaks with Matthieu David-Experton about being a Beijing centered brand in China, censorship, and the process of creativition. Not only does he tells us about the workings behind the creativity of Plastered 8, an iconic design brand in China, but also […]

Beijing’s Economy 2 – The economy in Daxing

The economy in Daxing Daxing is the southmost district of Beijing, blessed with the plain terrain. For many years, the agriculture has been the main production power for Daxing. But just several years ago, Daxing was strongly linked with a new termination – Beijing Economy and Technological Development Area (BDA). With the establishment of BDA […]

Economy of Beijing 1

Overview China has experienced great changes in recent years, with economy developing in a rapid speed. As the capital of China, Beijing has also played the leading role in China’s all-around development strategy. In 2012, Beijing’s economy has continued its steady development as in the previous year, adjusted the turbulence of the price level, stabilized […]