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Provide you with the tools to succeed in your China Business Development

Daxue Consulting regularly helps clients optimize their China business development by offering database building assistance, market research, simple distribution analysis, and SEO. Our staff has strong experience in business development in China, in cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and other tops 50 China’s cities.

These services aim to let our clients develop an exhaustive understanding of how to customize their sales strategy in China and to provide access to the right distribution networks in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Project managers provide operational recommendations that are current, industry-specific, and practical to improve your marketing strategy in China.

Daxue Consulting uses reliable methodologies to provide individual China business development recommendations

Daxue uses various research methodologies, providing marketing studies to inform your China business development strategy. This include:

China business development
[Marketing strategy in China]

Daxue Consulting delivers all the tools to improve your understanding of your targeted market

Daxue Consulting aims to help you to build the best business development in China. For this purpose, our staff provides you with these deliveries:

Some reference for your China Business Development strategy

Daxue Consulting recently assisted these companies in improvingto  their network and their market entry in China, through a valuable strategy:

See reference of DX Consulting in the press: Global Times / The Guardian / Yahoo Finance / HKTDC / Global Times / Aljazeera

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