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Collect insights and strategic data in China

Daxue Consulting’s broad range of research services caters to every business and data collection need in China. They include qualitative and quantitative research methods: from answering niche consumer issues on a city-level in Shanghai, Beijing or a smaller tier-3 city, to national-level China market entry projects; from long-term China market audits to forward-thinking processes of market trend identification in China. Our team provides tailored services, agile research design, and flexible commitment models.

Full range of capabilities in China

Our scope of expertise covers consumption patterns, U&A, brand equity, consumer insight, usability testing, trade marketing, competition framework, feasibility assessment, performance evaluation and so on. Moreover, our network covers all of China. Every market research can be realized either in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen, and second-tier cities such as Dalian, Harbin, Xiamen, and Xi’an. We also have capabilities and networks in low-tier cities and rural areas in China to conduct any research methodology.

Providing actionable insights in the Chinese market

Daxue Consulting’s final aim is to provide key drivers of growth to your operations in China. These include providing you with the access to distribution networks and a clear vision on how to sell in China. We also strive to deliver a comprehensive overview of your competition framework and to identify what can be your competitive edge in China. Finally, our consumer panel research allows our team to provide valuable insights regarding your Chinese consumer target. We identify your key consumer segment targets, to further adapt your strategy to each segment. Daxue Consulting’s team ensures that the research outputs are actionable and decision-oriented to meet clients’ business objectives in China. Findings are critically analyzed and always challenged internally and during workshops with your team. Above all, we pay specific attention to elaborate agile research designs and methodological processes. It allows our team to offer a service that is specific to your needs and never generic to the industry.

Building comprehensive business projects in China

Our market research methodologies are often followed-up by practical and strategic consulting solutions. For instance, for a market entry project, market research services will be the foundation of your future business plan in China. In the case of a competition analysis, our team will set up market intelligence tools to ensure a reliable and timely market audit within a long-term monitoring plan in China.


Custom methodologies for your Market Research in China Our comprehensive services for market research in Shanghai, Beijing, and another top 50 cities include primary and secondary data analysis and a broad range of custom collection methods, including: Finally, Daxue Consulting leverages any data collection methods that will prove to be efficient regarding your particular need in China. Our team developed tech solutions to extend its reach in term of insights available. It includes eye-trackingin-vivo research or social listening.


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Why conduct market research in China?

Optimize your market entry

Designing your business plan in China for a market entry or a product launch requires going beyond intuition and localizing your model in the Chinese market. Daxue Consulting promotes a data-driven approach, including an initial market research stage. The better you understand all the dynamics driving your Chinese market, the better your strategy design for your market entry in China will be.

Analyze your industry and size your market

When it comes to new market entry, one of the first objectives should be a clear understanding of your real market potential in China. For long-time China-based players, evaluating the size and nature of your market will also be essential when setting more tactical issues such as business turnover, value proposition adaptation or financing round. Understanding the size of the market in China is a crucial requirement for companies, especially those that look for third-party financing such as venture capital. Daxue Consulting’s in-depth market segmentation enables our team to disaggregate the market with the principal consumer segments you would like to address in China. We then use data collected to quantify these segments and evaluate what should be your market share target for each of them. To ensure the quality of the analysis, all integrated data tables are validated and cross-checked with internal databases.

Identify your key consumer segment targets in China

Identifying and prioritizing your future key consumer markets is another key part to be answered when entering the Chinese market. Market research in China will help you to answer such questions as: what are the profile types of my key consumer segments in China? What demographics and social categories should I focus on? What geographical areas will be most relevant for my product or service? How can I best reach them? How do they like to consume and what are their buying criteria? For B2B type of needs, Daxue Consulting assists various clients by collecting a list of potential qualified prospects for relaying or supporting your service or product when you enter China.

Benchmark your competition in China

While this question will likely lead to intuitive answers in your domestic markets, what do you know about your competitors in China? Market research in China includes the definition of your competition framework. Daxue Consulting leverages proven methodologies for the analysis of your key competitors. Our team uses market intelligence metrics to frame your domestic and international competition in China. Moreover, understanding how they brand their offer will help us to create a working hypothesis to be challenged by consumer research and distribution analysis, to design the most adapted unique selling proposition in China.

Define your distribution network in China

Integrating China’s distribution network for international brands has proved to imply very specific challenges. The boom of e-commerce and generally speaking, internet channels, has created a significant shift in the traditional structures of distribution of goods and services in the Chinese market. Understanding these new dynamics and where are your touch points with your consumer target will be crucial to your strategy in China. While online channels are today the most intuitive keys to enter the Chinese consumer market for international brands, in any B2C sector, defining a tailored approach to entering the needed distribution network is crucial. These include:
  • thorough research on the channels available in China,
  • comprehensive benchmark of both local and international competition best practices,
  • consumer researchto examine how sales networks can match your target needs and expectations and
  • feasibility research for each selected channels(needed resources, daily management, regulation, the real estate if B&M)

Setup a long-term monitoring plan to anticipate future industry’s evolutions

Daxue Consulting’s China market intelligence tools are aimed at providing a tailored and adapted market audit in your industry. We provide online and offline metrics on your Chinese market to track, monitor and analyze what is happening in your market, from competition’s marketing operations to rising consumer trends and sales volume evolution.  We monitor the market and then, alongside your team, create a database. This will be leveraged to better forecast the future impact of your operation on the market or to anticipate market trends and competitors’ actions. Market intelligence tools in China will then give you valuable input for the full scope of your decisions from strategy design to day-to-day operational planning. Our industry monitoring coverage includes consumer & retail, services to individual or enterprises, technology, automotive, resources & energy, sustainable development, financial services, manufacturing & industrial, healthcare, private equity, media & telecommunications. [See our industry cases]


Market research in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and more

Daxue Consulting has extensive coverage capabilities and research network over Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It includes network of local professionals in various studied industries, panel of end-consumers, fieldwork staff and access to reliable databases in any of the top 30 cities in China. We especially conduct regular research and market audit in:
  • Tier-1 cities Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Tianjin as well as
  • Tier-1+ cities such as Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing, Kunming, Xi’an, Wuhan, Shenyang, Dongguan
  • and many tier-2 and -3 cities.

Our deliveries are designed to provide a complete insight of the market

The recommendations from our market research in China will be accompanied by a certain number of documents, in particular:
  • A clear presentation highlighting your key drivers of growth in the Chinese market, with the data and all the information proving this conclusion
  • The figures of industry trends in China, and the elements of a successful marketing plan
  • A benchmark of the players in the market with their marketing strategies in China
  • The Marketing Mix recommended: price, localization, POS, etc.
  • Recommendations on the selection of providers for market entry follow-up (operational marketing, outsourcing, relevant partners, etc.).

Some references for market research projects

Daxue Consulting recently realized the following market research projects in Beijing, Shanghai and all over China:
  • For a textile company, an analysis of competitors with their marketing strategy
  • For a music equipment company, an analysis of marketing strategies among upscale competitors and players in the West
For an industrial company, research on the deals made in the last three years in their industrySpecific Solutions
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