Whether entering the Chinese market for the first time or expanding your businesses’ presence in the country, all companies hoping to stay competitive in the market need to engage in China market research at some point. While China’s population of 1.4 billion may appear homogeneous from the outside, consumption habits throughout the country are anything but. From regional differences, to the urban-rural divide, to evolving demographics and of course the influence of the dynamic digital ecosystem, understanding Chinese consumers and how to convert them is no simple feat.

China market research helps companies identify and capitalize on opportunities in the world’s second largest economy. Over the last ten years, daxue consulting has conducted over 600 market research projects in China, in both B2B and B2C sectors in a wide range of industries. Our team provides tailored, ad-hoc market research in China, with agile research design, and flexible commitment models.

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Our market research methods

Our China market research leverage qualitative and quantitative methods to fuel consumer research, competitor benchmarking, strategy insights, and branding strategies. These research methods set a foundation for our strategy recommendations and management consulting. Learn more about some of our market research methods:

The scope of our market research in China

From answering niche consumer issues on a city-level in Shanghai, Beijing or low-tier cities, to national-level China market entry projects, to long-term China market audits, to forward-thinking processes of market trend identification, our team of 40 full-time consultants and nation-wide network of researchers covers the entire country of China, and beyond.

Our market research scope also covers a wide range of industries; learn more about the ecosystem of your industry in China below:

 Some of our clients

Daxue consulting has had over 400 clients for projects on market research in China

Case studies 

Daxue consulting has conducted market research in China for over 400 clients in a wide range of industries. Here are a few of our case studies.

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