Young workers are calling quits on China’s workplace drinking culture

China’s workplace drinking culture

In early August 2021, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba was embroiled in a sexual assault scandal involving one of its female employees, Wang, and her manager, Zhang. Following the incident being made public, it sparked criticism within the Chinese online community and state media. Alibaba has since fired Zhang, who is now under arrest on suspicion […]

Payment methods in China: How China became a mobile-first nation

Shipping methods in China

Over the past few years, paying with mobile phone has become a daily gesture in China. According to a survey, in 2018 92% of people in China’s largest cities use Wechat Pay or Alipay as their main means of payment. The phenomenon is the same in rural areas: 47% of the rural population is reported […]

BPO and call centers in China: Is China the next BPO hub?

BPO and call centers in China

In today’s competitive international marketplace, companies are under intense pressure to lower costs. This has lead to China being the ‘factory of the world’ but now as manufacturing moves to other countries, other opportunities for business process outsourcing (BPO) in China rise. Does that mean China is the next destination for call centers? Call centers […]

How China celebrates International Women’s Day

How Chinese celebrate International Women's Day

In 1908, more than 15,000 women marched in NYC demanding more appropriate working hours, better pay and voting rights. Three years later in 1911, Clara Zetkin, the leader of the Women’s Office for the Social Democratic Party in Germany, suggested that there should be a celebration of women every year in every country. International Women’s […]

China Paradigm Transcript #105: Merging family traditions with etiquette training in China

etiquette training in China

Click here for China Paradigm 104.  In this interview, Guillaume Rué de Bernadac, the founder of a business for etiquette training in China, shares how his school perpetuates his family traditions as well as the diverse types of clients he teaches in China, whether it is adults, kids, or luxury organizations. Full transcript below: Welcome to China […]

China’s golden week 2020 reveals new economic trends

China's golden week 2020 tourism

According to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, during China’s golden week, which this year was a combined National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, the retail and restaurant industry reached 1.6 trillion RMB in sales. Compared to the last year’s golden week, the average daily sales grew 4.9%, despite the global impact of COVID-19. Since the COVID-19 […]

TCM in marketing: meeting the demand for natural ingredients in beauty and personal care

traditional Chinese medicine in marketing China

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a healing approach that originated in China thousands of years ago. Chinese herbal medicine has a long historical tradition. Ancient herbology in China focused on potions whose function was part medicinal and part magical. In China today, traditional Chinese herbal medicine is used alongside conventional pharmaceutical treatment. Many brands have […]