5 Things everyone gets wrong when starting a business in China

starting a business in China

Starting a business in China is a brave and bold move. It requires sacrificing an average of 70 hours a week for several years. This, in essence, is what most startups fail to recognize. Success doesn’t come overnight. So, if you are looking to open a new chapter in life and start a business, here […]

Coronavirus Crisis Management | Four brands that have done it right

coronavirus crisis management in China

How should brands communicate to Chinese customers during the Coronavirus outbreak? While the epidemic is expanding globally, Chinese economy is gradually emerging from its lethargy. After the country’s quarantine has just ended, Chinese consumer behavior is no longer the same as before. During the epidemic, we have seen giant brands cutting down their operation like […]

How China became the world’s second largest plastic surgery market

Cosmetics surgery market in China

The plastic surgery market in China is skyrocketing: The country climbed to second place in the world for plastic surgery procedures    China performs more plastic surgery operations than any country in the world other than America. The plastic surgery market in China surpassed Brazil in 2017 to become the second-largest globally. Over 15 million licensed […]

Green products in China: Growing out of ‘Niche’ but needs more investment

Eco-friendly consumption in China

Green products in China have become very successful in the past few years as the ‘green voice’ of citizens garners attention. Awareness of pollution and healthcare problems have transformed consumer’s habits significantly. Chinese markets are integrating this new pattern into their strategy and pay more attention to this global phenomenon, shifting towards green products at […]

Daxue Talks transcript #47: The consequences of remote work during the virus outbreak

remote work in china

In this episode of Daxue Talks David Ammerschlaeger, a psychologist and the head of psychology at ChingHo clinic, discusses the consequences of remote work during the virus outbreak. Full transcript below: Welcome to Daxue Talks, a show powered by Daxue Consulting, a China-based strategic market research company founded in 2010. My name is David Ammerschlaeger, I […]

Coach in China: A fast-growing affordable luxury brand

Coach in China

Coach’s history dates back to 1941. It started as a family-run workshop in New York City with a simple goal—to make beautiful, functional items in modern shapes from the finest leathers. In 1979, Lew Frankfort joined the company and came up with the concept of an “affordable luxury brand.” In the late 1980s, Coach began […]

China Paradigm 94: Why China is a new innovation paradigm

China compared to Europe

Matthieu David interviews Yuan Yingzi, Executive Director at Europe China Foundation and Strategic Innovation Lab Strategic Analyst at Ubisoft. China’s business ecosystem is attracting interesting resources which fuel Chinese innovation. European start-ups are starting to look to Chinese investors and VCs for partnerships and funding. How does the Europe China Foundation function to help build […]

China’s Social Credit System: What businesses should know

China's social credit system

How China started to measure trustworthiness of businesses At the beginning of the 21st century the Chinese government began to make systematic use of new mediating technologies to measure the trustworthiness and financial creditworthiness of individuals and businesses. Establishing an online financial credit system was seen as key to better integrating China into the global […]