Top 5 online audio platforms in China: What drives the booming audio economy

Online Audio Platforms in China

Online audio refers to the audio content that is listened to through network or streaming media, which can also be downloaded to personal digital devices, thanks to the development of mobile internet. Online audio takes many forms including audiobooks, podcasts, network radio stations, voice live streaming, audio drama shows, interactive entertainment and so on. The […]

Perrier x Murakami’s flowery designed sparkling water takes the world by storm

perrier murakami campaign

For the first time in history, Takashi Murakami has partnered with a French brand from the F&B industry – “Perrier” (巴黎水). Perrier is a carbonated soft drink with zero sugar and vitamin C (explore our articles about the soft drinks market in China and China’s beverage industry.) At the end of 2020, the Perrier brand […]