enterprise policies in China 2020

Daxue Talks 18: Changes in enterprise policies in China 2020

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enterprise policies in China

Interview with Nicolas Coster, a French business lawyer who specialized in FDI. In this China business vlog, we discuss changes in enterprise-type policies in China in 2020 and the consequences that it entails. This episode will be especially useful for those who work with WFOEs and JVs.

Jump to the questions:

  • 00:40 What are the consequences of the changes for those who have WFOE or JV in China?
  • 1:15 How much time do I have to change the format of the company? And how will the process look?
  • 2:05 Considering the change of power from the directors to the investors in JV, is it compulsory to change this balance of power?
  • 2:22 Does It mean that the former structure with the director deciding of the changes of the company can block this change of balance of power to other investors and shareholders?

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