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Chilean Wines in China

Nowadays, Chilean wines are hitting the world with their special flavors. Just like other new world wines, Chilean wines won some international prizes in recent years. After Casa Lapostolle won the first prize in year 2008, this trend becomes more obvious. The cooperation of native grape production and foreign modern technology, and the participation of excellent brewers both contribute to Chilean wines’ success. With the rise in quality, Chilean wines have risen in recent years, but it is still reasonably priced.

Top 30 Chateaus in Chile and Their Brands

1       Concha y Toro(Casillere del Diablo)

2       Cono Sur

3       San Pedro(Cabo de Hornos)

4       Santa Rita (Casa Real)

5       Vina Carta Vieja(LA LEJANIA)

6       Montes

7       Sta. Carolina

8       Santa Helena

9       Errázuriz(Don Maximiano Founder’s、Sena)

10     Ventisquero(ROOT1、2)

11     Maipo

12     Undurraga

13     Emiliana

14     Luis Felipe Edwards

15     Wines

16     Los Vascos

17     Sur Andino

18     Carmen(Gold Reserve)

19     Montgras

20     Caliterra

21     La Rosa

22     Catrala

23     Lapostolle(Clos Apalta)

24     Miguel Torres

25     Valdivieso(Caballo Loco)

26     Maipo

27     Baron Philippe de Rothsch

28     Santa Ema

29     Santa Alicia

30     Indomita

Classification of Chilean Wines

Varietal: the basic wine.

Reserva:  a class of wines of better quality, which was stored using oak barrels.

Gran Reserva: wines that are stored using better and newer oak barrels, and is better than Reserva in quality.

Reserva De Familia: almost the best wine for a chateau.

Premium: of limited quantity, will not be made unless the grape is good enough.

Chilean Wines’ Exploration of China Market

Chilean’s wine export increased by more than 4 times since 2000, and created a record of 700 million liters in 2011, with total value of 1.7 billion dollars. Now, Chile is the world’s fifth biggest wine exporter.

China, the 24th biggest wine market for Chile in year 2006, is now ranking 6th. According to Wines of Chile, China is going to be one of its biggest markets. It regards China as potential, because now the speed of development of China economy and the speed of the rise in living standard are both faster than the western countries. Wine of Chile is going to launch the biggest online promotion ever to increase its share in China.

The threat to Chile’s effort to enter China is that Chinese consumers are used to thinking that only wines from France or Italy are high-end. Also, Chinese people are getting used to Australian wines, which is so pervasive in China.

According to the estimate of some researchers, in year 2017, the annual consumption of wines in China will reach 4 billion liters, which is three times the number now. To cater to this market demand, Wines of Chile plans to export about 3 billion dollars’ worth of wine.




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