The frozen food market in China is blossoming in low tier cities

frozen food shopper in China

Frozen food is preserved from the time it is made until the time it is eaten. Its packaging must maintain its integrity through cooking, machine filling, sealing, freezing, storage and logistics. Chinese consumers, especially office workers often prefer it, for its convenience and quality. As the pace of life in China gets faster, for the […]

Chilean Wines in China

Nowadays, Chilean wines are hitting the world with their special flavors. Just like other new world wines, Chilean wines won some international prizes in recent years. After Casa Lapostolle won the first prize in year 2008, this trend becomes more obvious. The cooperation of native grape production and foreign modern technology, and the participation of […]

Folli Follie in China

Affordable luxury                             Folli Follie Group is an international Greek company which is famous for jewllery, watches and fashion accessories. It has a history of 38 years and is now covering a large market share throughout the world in 25 countries with more than 390 exclusive shops.  The company applies the integration of manufacturing and retailing […]

Market research: Underwear in China

Underwear, a once private topic that people did not often talk about, has now become an indispensable component to modern life. For most young fashionable ladies, they know a lot of underwear brands, such as EmbryForm, Aimer, Ordifen, Gujin(古今), MarieClaire and A-Fontane, etc. According to statistics, the underwear market in China has been growing at […]

The market of desktop computer in China

  The overall market characteristics of desktop computer in China   1. The market capacity of brand desktop computers reduced and the market share of assembled computer increased   According to retail monitoring data of 153 cities by GFK (China), in the first half of the year, the retail quantity of the overall desktop computer has […]

Market research: Top 50 brands in China

Women clothes Girdear (哥弟) – Girdear, a Taiwanese fashion brand, was founded in 1977. The brand is divided into four divisions: Girdear, AMASS, Mei-Yi Li and four series. Peacebird (太平鸟) – Founded in the Zhejiang (浙江) province in China, Peacebird is currently the 2nd largest clothes manufacturer in China. Men clothes K-Boxing –  K-Boxing was founded in 1980. […]