China employment tips

Daxue Talks 15: China employment tips

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China employment tips

This episode features Gabriel Yu, who is a lawyer with 7 years of working experience with a specialty in labor law, company law, intellectual property rights, trademark, copyrights, international trade, and banking law. In this China business vlog, we ask Yu the most common questions related to employment in China.

Jump to the questions:

  • 00:39 What do you need to be careful of when signing a labor contract? What are the typical issues?
  • 1:21 What do you need to be careful of when hiring someone? What are the typical issues?
  • 2:17 What do you need to be careful of when hiring the cleaning person in the office? What are the typical issues?
  • 3:05 How can employers make changes to existing employment agreements? What kind of penalties can employers include in a labor contract?
  • 4:14 What constitutes illegal work by foreigners in China? In the case of illegal employment in China, what responsibilities will the employee and employer assume?

Daxue Talks is a show powered by Daxue Consulting, a china-based strategic market research company founded in 2010! With Daxue Talks, you will stay up to date with all the latest business updates in China.

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