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China Market Research for CRN Yachts

CRN shipyard, founded in Anconain 1963 and part of the Ferretti group since 1999, has been one of the significant establishers in the world of luxury yachts in steel and aluminum and in composite. CRN yachts have always been a synonym of prestige and exclusiveness. Advanced technology, professional approach as well as accurate and prestigious design, has launched CRN yachts on seas all over the world.

China Market Research for CRN Yachts Development

Set up by Sanzio Nicolini in 1963, the CRN shipyard immediately made itself to be in a market which targeted a very select clientele. This has been the guiding principle behind CRN right from the outset and has earned it a position among the top world builders of luxury mega yachts. CRN became part of Ferretti group in 1999, and the Ferretti group has performed very well in China, earning an astounding 7 million euros in the first half year it entered China market. Then CRN broke prestigious new ground in 2003 by buying the neighboring Mario Morini shipyard. Now CRN has become one of the most recognized and noble brands of yachts, as is demonstrated by China market research.

CRN Yachts’ Main Competitors in China: Itama, Azimut, Princess

CRN faces biggest challenge from other world-famous brands of yacht businesses, especially from Itama, Azimut and Princess, those who are also very popular and world-renowned companies of yacht. Mystery shopping in China has shown similar satisfaction in all of these brand’s products and services. It seems that CRN still needs to develop and become better to rival its most powerful competitors.

For over forty years Itama has made the history of Italian open yachts all over the world. In its many years of activity, the shipyard has been able to build and consolidate a strong, distinctive identity at the heart of which lie an outstanding engineering know-how and a unique, incomparable style. Since 2004 Itama has been part of Ferretti Group, one of the world leaders in the design, construction and sale of motor yachts.

Azimut Yachts came about in 1969, when the young university student Paolo Vitelli founded Azimut Srl, and began chartering sailing boats. In 1970 some prestigious yachting brands appointed the company to distribute their boats inItaly. Azimut quickly expanded its operations: Apart from distribution, it began to design new yachts. In 1985 Azimut acquired Benetti. Now Azimut Yachts serves its customers at over 130 sites worldwide. It boasts the world’s most extensive sales network for yachts and megayachts, with representative offices, boatyards, service points and delivery centres located in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Since the launch of their first 31-footer in 1965, Princess Yachts have been quietly rewriting the rules of luxury cruising. From their legendary Flybridge range and thrilling V-Class sports yachts, to their long-range Motor Yachts and ground-breaking M-Class super yachts, all are unmistakably Princess. Based in some of the most advanced marine manufacturing facilities in the world, Princess Yachts have built our reputation on quality, strength and integrity of design and build.

Edited by Amy Wang from Daxue consulting China.

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