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China Market Research

China Market Research and Daxue consulting

Daxue Consulting is the most competitive China market research company. Through an innovative and strong business model, Daxue Consulting has managed to offer market research and consulting services to MNC as well as SME from all over the world to understand better China and its market.

Our Methodologies

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Our strengths

We are proud to have provided China market research services for companies from France, Korea, America, the US, Germany, Market StudyItaly, Spain and the UK. Since 2009, we have worked for food and beverage companies (infant formula, milk powder, wine, restaurants), high-tech companies (air cleaners, phone or internet of things), real estate companies, industrial businesses, car-makers, etc. Daxue china market research is not only the most competitive firm in the market research industry in China, it is also one of the most reliable, rigorous, able to cover through methodologies and spectrum of expertise all over China, both in first-tier cities and 2d- or 3d-tier cities. Our offices are based in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong-Kong to better serve our clients all over China and be the most reactive we can. Our business model is also a resource to leverage. As we work with students, we are able to interview them, leverage their own social, intellectual and time resources to better analyze what matter most for companies: how is the middle class going to behave and react through their offerings and products. Our business model has proved all the more efficient as our clients have been satisfied with our China market research approaches as well as our presentation and insights. Leading a thorough and trustworthy China market research is a compulsory step to enter China or understand China better.

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