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internet cloud company in China

China Paradigm 108: Meet the founder of the fist internet cloud company in China

The fist internet cloud company in China

Matthieu David interviews Steve Mushero, CTO of China MSP YunChang (the fist internet cloud company in China). The cloud internet service is fairly new to China and Steve Mushero’s company has been one of the pioneers on the Chinese market. In 2015 he managed to raise 9 million USD to fund his business, but how embracing is the Chinese market for this type of service? How easy is it to reach Chinese IT investors and what are the main differences between the internet cloud service market in China vs the West? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this new China Paradigm podcast.

  • 0:15 Guest introduction
  • 2:54 The niches that an internet cloud service company can take advantage of
  • 6:07 Company size and a brief history of funding
  • 7:29 Being part of the club – how hard was it to function on the Chinese market
  • 9:58 How does YunChang cater to the international businesses that want to operate in China?
  • 11:17 How does YunChang handle the competition?
  • 12:58 Does YunChang provide client-tailored services?
  • 14:14 Has the Coronavirus brought change to the time people spend online?
  • 16:01 Has the market normalized yet?
  • 16:53 What actions did YunChang take to cope with the lockdown period?
  • 18:48 What are the main differences between China and the West regarding the way the IT industry functions?
  • 26:37 Why is the software market so small in China?
  • 33:27 How were the 9 million USD raised in 2015 by Steve Mushero used for?
  • 35:37 The differences between financing an internet cloud service business in China vs the West
  • 38:06 How easy is it to have access to investors in China?
  • 41:37 What books have inspired Steve Mushero in building his business?
  • 43:48 What book, publication or movie about China can Steve Mushero recommend?
  • 47:04 What productivity tools does Steve Mushero like to use in China to run his business?
  • 48:07 Should he have extra time, what other business would Steve Mushero pursue?
  • 51:08 Is AI replacing the human workforce a worry?
  • 54:03 What unexpected business success and failure has Steve Mushero witnessed in China?
  • 56:33 A few details about Steve Mushero’s blog

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