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6G in China is at the initial stage of development, here is what you should know

6G in China

As early as 2018, The 5G Technology Working Group at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology started research into 6G in China. This makes China one of the first countries to explore 6G technology. In November 2019, the Ministry of Science and Technology, together with other key ministries and research institutions organized a 6G […]

China Paradigm 108: Meet the founder of the fist internet cloud company in China

internet cloud company in China

The fist internet cloud company in China Matthieu David interviews Steve Mushero, CTO of China MSP YunChang (the fist internet cloud company in China). The cloud internet service is fairly new to China and Steve Mushero’s company has been one of the pioneers on the Chinese market. In 2015 he managed to raise 9 million […]

Guide to Free Internet Essentials in China

Overview of the cloud storage market in China With the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, and the internet of things in recent years, human has entered a new stage—the Post-mobile Era. Widespread of computer technology and network communication is bringing unprecedented opportunities of cloud storage in China. [Data source: Zhiyan consulting, “Size of […]

Recession-proof markets in China | What markets will grow in 2020?

recession-proof markets in China after COVID-19

COVID-19 had a great impact on the Chinese economy. Although China is already recovering from the coronavirus, economists suggest we will see a U shaped recovery in contrast to a V shaped one. This means that the economy will not bounce right back to normal as it did after SARS. Rather, we will see some […]

Internet Censorship in China explained

internet censorship in China

The Internet and social media are pervasive and transformative forces in contemporary China. Nearly half of China’s 1.3 billion citizens now use the Internet. Use of the internet in China began in three phrases. First, with the advent of Internet cafés. Second, with the expansion of home and office based computers. Third, with the widespread […]

B2C e-commerce in China Overview: E-commerce in China is growing at a rapid pace

B2C Ecommerce in China

The B2C e-commerce market in China has grown from $229.9 billion in 2012 to $1.5 trillion in 2019 and is projected to grow at an annual 13.8% over the next five years, to $2.8 trillion in 2024. Suc industry is still in the growth phase of its economic life cycle, and in 2019, e-commerce made up 36.6% of total retail […]

Internet in China: Rapid growth with increasing mobile users

Internet in China

How internet quickly developed in China As internet became prevalent in the late 1990’s, it quickly emerged across China. China’s internet penetration has grown from 2.1 million at the end of 1998, to 854 million active users as in June 2019. Up to 2017, 54.3% of total population was internet users in China. No doubt […]

China Paradigm 86: Bringing Chinese gaming innovation to the Middle East

gaming market in China

Matthieu David interviews Vincent Ghossoub, co-founder & CEO of Falafel Games. Building a company that handles game development and game publishing in China can definitely be a challenge. But how big does this challenge become if your main goal is to develop games for an Arabic market? In this new China Paradigm podcast interview, we […]

Daxue Talks transcript #8: Key figures and insights on Douyin in 2019


Find here the Daxue Talks episode 8. From the talk with Fabian learn in 2-5 minutes about some key figures and insights on Douyin in 2019. Full transcript below: My name is Fabian, I am the founder and co-director of UPLAB, a company where we help influencers become better at who they are and at the […]

Daxue Talks 8: 5 minutes to understand Douyin marketing

Douyin marketing

Douyin marketing Fabian Ouwehand, Douyin expert and entrepreneur in China, gives us the most recent information on the Chinese digital giant, Douyin (called Tik-Tok in the West). In 5 minutes, find a clear presentation, Douyin’s 2019 figures and key insights to understand how the APP works. Jump to the questions: 0:40 What is Douyin? 0:55 […]