Douyin marketing

Daxue Talks 8: 5 minutes to understand Douyin marketing

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Douyin marketing

Fabian Ouwehand, Douyin expert and entrepreneur in China, gives us the most recent information on the Chinese digital giant, Douyin (called Tik-Tok in the West). In 5 minutes, find a clear presentation, Douyin’s 2019 figures and key insights to understand how the APP works.

Jump to the questions:

  • 0:40 What is Douyin?
  • 0:55 Can you present Douyin in a few figures? (evolution, number of users, target audience, number of videos posted per day, etc)
  • 1:33 Are there any internet challenges on Douyin (like Ice Bucket challenge or this kind of things), what are the current ones?
  • 2:05 What is the most viewed video ever on Douyin in China?
  • 3:40 How does censorship apply on Douyin?
  • 4:40 How does livestreaming work on Douyin? How do people attract followers?

Daxue Talks is a show powered by Daxue Consulting, a china-based strategic market research company founded in 2010! With Daxue Talks, you will stay up to date with all the latest business updates in China.

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